Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Okay so here it is. The end. I have spent the last six weeks (forty-two days or one thousand and eight hours) avoiding thirty-five foods. But who's counting?And here is what happened as a result: 

I can breath through my nose.  I'm not completely clear and I know that environmental allergies play a big part in that, but I can breath through my nose. I've already told you that I was never able to do that.  I wish the doctors knew how to help me a hundred years ago when I was a teenager, because it was really inconvenient at times. Okay one paragraph of whining and I'll stop.

I was seventeen when I joined the water ballet group at our neighborhood pool. The choreography was  exciting and we were perfectly in sync! Our costumes and bathing caps (I told you it was a hundred years ago) were beautiful and we all matched. Same color, same everything. Except for me! I couldn't blow the water out of my nose like the other girls, so I was the girl with the nose plugs. I looked like a mutant mermaid from planet ugly.  

I no longer have a bloated stomach after I eat. Okay, this is great! I love that I don't feel miserable and look pregnant after a meal. No more loosening the top button. I can actually enjoy dinner without having to get into my fat pants.

I have lost 5 & 1/2 half pounds, 1 & 1/2 inches off my waist and 1/2 an inch off my hips. Okay, so I'm not setting any records for weight loss. I realize that. But you have to realize that I have not been counting calories. Far from it. Since I stopped the Raw Food Detox Diet 5 weeks ago,I have been eating everything legal. I still love my fruit and veggies, but I have also been snacking on nuts, popcorn (no butter), chips and soda. My meals have included potatoes, rice, rice pasta, corn and bacon. Not exactly diet food. Color me baffled! But happy.

My shoes and my rings are too big for me. I now have 2 pairs of pumps that I am literally walking out of and rings that fall off of my fingers. There's not a woman worth her salt who does not know about retaining water.It's right up there with intuition and PMS.I must have been saving for a drought because I'm down 1/2 of a shoe size.

I can concentrate. Ever walk into a room and forget why you're there? Ever start a sentence and be unable to finish it? Been there. Done that. Don't remember where I bought the Tee-shirt. However, now I can navigate my PC between browsers and tabs without losing my place.I thought senior moments were something that I would have to live with, but I can multi-task and converse like a young kid of forty. Is it possible that my food was making me dim-witted?

The best result of this diet is that I feel great!

Thanks for joining me. You've helped me stay focused, honest and accountable.